I’ll Have the Chicken

I have a friend in town that I haven’t seen in a long time. We’re going to dinner tonight and I was searching around online for some ideas for dinner. I found a no-star restaurant review from a guy who said his New Years Eve was ruined because the restaurant didn’t have valet parking.

That poor, poor man.

Our soccer team had a business luncheon and even though the price-per-plate was ridiculous, I told co-worker we should go because when would we ever get to go to an inaugural season soccer team business luncheon?

I thought it would produce a great story but not really. If you’ve ever been to a business luncheon, then just picture that: suits and ties, sweaty pitchers of ice water, polite clapping, chicken entrée. Only at this one, the topic everyone was rah-rah about was Portland Timbers.

Part of the deal was that you’d get a player or coaching staff at your table. A lot of the tables were sponsored by companies so I figured the bigger name players would go to those tables.

We lucked out because our player was Scot Thompson who was a big shot Timbers player for years and just retired. He’s working for the team as a community ambassador which means he does stuff with kids and sits at tables with fans eating chicken luncheon. The rest of the players were introduced as part of the luncheon but Scot sat down with us at the beginning. One of the people at our table said, “Ooh, we got someone GOOD.”

He was super chatty and had all kinds of inside scoop and told us what was happening with some of our favorite Div 2 team players that moved on. We had good people at our table, too. I was kind of worried there would be that loud mouthed guy who knows everything monopolizing the conversation.

It was worth it. First MLS game in Colorado March 19. I will be glued to the TV.

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