The Last of the Little Notes on My Desk

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, March 2010

Someone linked to this website this week: Never Said About Restaurant Websites.

I thought it was funny because this is one of my pet peeves with restaurant websites. I’ll be trying to organize a meal out and I want to share the menu with a person or various people and I can’t cut and paste the stupid thing, meanwhile I have to sit through a linen table cloth slideshow. Or else I have to click around a bunch of times to find the hours and location. I don’t want the website to do fancy things. I want the information and I want it to be easy to find.

Police cars in Hamburg, March 2010

This morning I went to the library. I’m reading all about soccer right now and I wanted to see what they had. There was a long wall of sports books and less than one shelf was soccer stuff. I’d say at least one third of the soccer books had a subtitle something like: “how the US women’s team changed the world” “how a team of scrappy immigrants changed a small town” “how a group of soccer mom changed their lives.” Wow, that soccer stuff is powerful. Are there oodles of books like that for all sports? There was also a book about a jaded sports writer who was tired of regular old sports so he learned about soccer and guess what? He found it was just as thrilling as those other sports. Oh, and the Dad who knew nothing about soccer until his kid started peewee soccer and he had to coach. He learned a lot about soccer. And himself.

I’m hoping that soccer will change my life and my large-ish town and my world. And myself. (Or should it be: my Self ?)

Money machine in Germany, March 2010

One of my friends said: I have a fitness ball I never use. You want it?

I took it. Dang. Those things are wiggly. They call them stability balls. I call it instability ball. I also call it Elmo because it’s red.

The fitness people demonstrating the exercises on YouTube make it look so easy.

At this point, the bulk of my workout comes from having to run across the room to retrieve Elmo after it’s sprung out from under me during my one rep.

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3 Responses to The Last of the Little Notes on My Desk

  1. AEJ says:

    My instability ball is lime green. Are there any lime green Sesame Street characters?

    The library? I didn’t realize they still had libraries. I thought that’s what the webernet is for.

  2. Kira says:

    I recently set my browser to not save info, because I think I read it was safer or something. Well, now I keep forgetting to put my name and e-mail and getting my comment deleted. I have written a version of this comment three times now:

    The restaurant site wouldn’t work for me. I am wondering if they cover stuff like restaurants that have stairs into the handicapped section. That happens a lot.

    Elmo might need some air. Did your friend give you a pump for him? I love the way you say “It is red, thus it is Elmo.” Your world makes sense to me.

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