This was at a park in Amsterdam. It has a bunch of clips on it and if you find a mitten you can clip it on there and hopefully the person who lost it will find it.

My life has been filled with technology the past few days. I got a new iPod which once I got home I found out isn’t compatible with my desktop system. I have a laptop that it is compatible with but I don’t listen to music on my laptop so I had to move a gabillion files and authorize and deauthorize and of course my music library is purchased under about 5 different usernames and we had this problem once before but I couldn’t remember how we solved it so research and cussing ensued.

Meanwhile, I upgraded some stuff and installed some stuff. I organized my photo library (finally!) and found tons of fun photos to post. I spent some time figuring out a better system for back-ups which involved different steps and devices and looking at instructions. Every single thing I touch needs a password or wants one I already gave it and makes me click things and wait. Some things hung up the computer so I’d have to quit or save or restart or do this little dance I do to appease the technology gods.

I’m not done yet but I can see done from here. I am very tired of sitting in front of a computer. Just in time for work tomorrow.

I had my favorite New Years Eve which involved going to bed early. Staying home is fun.

It was great time off although, as always, I wish I had a few more days. I expect the next couple of weeks to be busy AND we have RiverCity Bluegrass on Saturday.

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4 Responses to TechnoHeadache

  1. AEJ says:

    I’m glad you survived your Technology Weekend! I think that computers secretly laugh at us when they watch us bumble about.

  2. Keetha says:

    Organizing and such seems like a very new year kind of thing to do.

  3. Kira says:

    That mitten clip thing is so hopeful.

  4. Marvin says:

    That’s a cool pic!

    Note to self – be glad that I only buy CDs, and that I never download music.

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