Mid-Holiday Wrap-Up

Remember Summer?

I very rarely carry an umbrella.

Generally, any the time I’m going to have to be in the rain I’m dashing from one dry place to another. The car to the grocery store. The bus to the office. It’s not worth the trouble for a quick dash to be stuck carrying a dripping wet umbrella around.

And in downtown Portland I usually do have to make longer walks in the rain but there is always a wind effect between the highrises that means I spend time fighting with the umbrella which gets more rain on me than if I just dash between rain drops.

This is the evolution from the California girl who would cancel anything for a gentle mist.

Sleeping Man with iPad

I’ve never been a person who ran around talking about how much I loved the holidays. But I’ve never been a hater, either.

This year I am hating it.

I keep my shopping list very simple. I shop for family. I discourage other gift-giving. I had the great idea of co-worker and I exchanging Timbers swag.

I can’t find anything that I’m looking for. I’ve been on three major shopping expeditions. There is tons of crappy stuff out there that no one wants but nothing good that I want. It’s been making me really cranky.

I’m going to go to the liquor store and get everyone booze.

I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week. As a Narnia geek, I loved it.

In all other categories it fails.

It’s a really lame movie with some super cool parts. If you liked the books I can tell you that Eustace Scrubb is GENIUS. Seriously, worth the price of admission right there.

(Aside: favorite first sentence: “There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.”)

But the writing is lame. There were parts that were what I do when I need a short cut to get through a scene but plan to go back and fix later.

“Wasn’t it great when we were kings and queens in Narnia?”

“Yes, but now we’re stuck here with our terrible cousin Eustace Scrubb. In drabby England.”

“Yes, while Mum and Dad and Peter and Susan are in Americker.”

I’ve never done 3-D before and for the first few minutes I was afraid I was going to gack-up my nice Xmas lunch. Also that Yogi Bear movie looks like an abomination. And I grew up with Yogi Bear.

Overall: I give it a B-. I’m sure I will dorkishly see it again. And complain about the lame parts.

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2 Responses to Mid-Holiday Wrap-Up

  1. ballardavenue says:

    Booze. Booze is good. I’m getting my postman a bottle of an excellent New Zealand sauvignon blanc. It’s from the Whitehaven winery and I highly recommend it to those that like such things.

  2. AEJ says:

    Is that a UFO of some sort on Bob’s shirt? That’s too awesome.

    I hate carrying an umbrella, too. Then there are the times when it’s raining and I’m carrying it, but too lazy to actually OPEN it. So it’s raining and I’m carrying an unopened umbrella. How stupid is that?

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