The Lila Post

As per always, I’m short on time here.

I got back from Atlanta yesterday evening and I’ve been trying to get caught up ever since. And a super busy week ahead.

Here’s one photo from the trip.

Lila is a little overweight so if she wants a treat, she gets a carrot. She acts like she’s really excited about the carrot but whenever she takes it to the rug to eat it, she turns around and gives a look that says, “When I rule the earth, you people are toast.”

Kira didn’t believe me so here is photographic evidence of Lila giving the stink eye. That orange thing is her carrot.

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3 Responses to The Lila Post

  1. AEJ says:

    “The carrot is cool and everything, but somehow the peanut butter got left off it. I’ll just stand here until this injustice is rectified.”

  2. Keetha says:

    LOVE that. It’s not unlike the look my son gave me last night when I served him a snack of raw carrots.

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