Seattle Sounders!

Seattle Art Museum

Bob and I went to Seattle for a quick trip. The main excuse was to cash-in our long-standing date to see the Seattle Sounders with Hannah and Andy. Remember Motel Doom? We were supposed to go to soccer that trip but sadly had to be giant flakes.

But we love Seattle so while we were there we did a combination of museums and visiting friends. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Seattle so besieged by tourists. There were herds of them in Pioneer Square and duck boats driving by every 10 minutes. And lots of tourists in the museums as well.

The weather was grey with a driving mist. We had rain jackets and I wore fleece.

The Seattle Art Museum had a really lame Kurt Cobain exhibit which was basically a heavy-handed attempt to get young people into the museum. Other than a few interesting photos it was all landfill.

The Andy Warhol and Imogen Cunningham exhibits made up for it.

The Sounders game was super fun. Especially since I hadn’t seen a soccer game in about three weeks. I love going to the stadium and all the hoo-haw. There was a brass band and all kinds of food. You could get your face painted with glitter and/or green in your hair. Turns out that color isn’t called booger. It’s called “rave green.” They have garlic fries at the stadium. I wish I’d known and I would have insisted we eat dinner there.

Sounders won. Two awesome goals. Great trip.

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3 Responses to Seattle Sounders!

  1. AEJ says:

    For a second there I was thinking you were naming a basketball team. Then I realized whose blog I was at. I’m glad you had a nice trip!

  2. Marvin says:

    What a great name, the Sounders. I’m glad you had fun! The thing I remember most about Seattle is the rain. It’s the complete polar opposite of Denver.

  3. Hannah Jo says:

    Yay, Pamela! You were a good luck charm, for sure. What an awesome match, though way too physical and full of questionable calls by the ref. We loved seeing you and Bob. Sure wish you lived closer. Thanks for making the trip up to rainy Seattle!

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