Pain in the Neck

I was going to use a picture of my Korean Taco lunch but it came out too blurry.

I’m suffering from August ague.

You won’t find it in WedMD but August ague is when you have a viciously bad attitude about everything and its the month of August.

I’m still searching for the cure.

I finally went and talked to someone about my neck pain. This has probably contributed to the ague. My neck started bothering me shortly after the World Cup and I figured it had something to do with watching 25+ hours of TV a week for a month. At first it just felt like I slept funny.

But it never got better and the pain became more persistent and started making normal life activities uncomfortable.

My strategy with medical stuff is to assume everything will go away by itself. Sure, if my head fell off, I’d pick it up and seek medical attention with some urgency. But generally I hate to go to the doctor. And I will tolerate a fair amount of pain without worry. So it took awhile to finally break down and do something about it.

It feels better now but not pain free. But it’s not so much burning and more like a gentle ache. Hopefully this is close to the end of it. The pain in the neck and the ague.

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4 Responses to Pain in the Neck

  1. AEJ says:

    Korean Taco just sounds……………… dirty.

    I’m sorry, it sounds dirty. Dirty, dirty.

  2. Marvin says:

    Most chiropractors are quacks, but there ARE some good ones. Have you tried them? They help me, when I get my bones out of joint.

  3. Keetha says:

    I hope the neck pain continues to improve and goes away completely.

    The August auge. I’m so glad you put a name to it! It hits me every year and I never knew it wasn’t just me.

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