Write-A-Thon Week #4 Update

Wow, time passes completely different outside Clarion West than inside. I can’t believe week 4 is over.

I did 3542 words this week. I’m still playing catch up from all that soccer so I haven’t managed to accomplish any other writing stuff. I’m going to aim to put in a good blob of time tomorrow.

Thanks again to all my sponsors.

There’s still time to donate. There’s info about the Write-A-Thon here and my donation sponsor page here.

Nice blurry shot of my berries mixed together with sugar and citrus zest. I intended to add some spices but forgot.

I keep making these pies to give to other people so I promised Bob I would make one just for us.

I very rarely make berry pies but I had this on the brain so I ran down to the farmer’s market this morning and bought the berry trio.

My pie crust disaster last week had a twist that’s new for me. The dough was so wet and sticky it was a splash of water away from being pancake batter. I re-traced my steps over and over trying to figure out how I managed to do that. I didn’t think it tasted spectacular but the gift recipient and other taster thought it was just fine.

Today I tried a different recipe and went back to my usual problem of it being way too dry, like trying to hold sand together. That happens so regularly that I’ve accepted that that’s how pie crust is made.

It smells incredible. I can’t wait to have a piece after the game tonight.

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3 Responses to Write-A-Thon Week #4 Update

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    Mmmm. Berry pie. That’s it! I’ve got a pie crust in the freezer ready to go and I’m sure there’s a berry or two to be had here in Ballard. Fire up the oven!

  2. Keetha says:

    I think you’re being too hard on your pies. It looks good to me!

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