FIFA World Cup Games #1 and #2

 Sheesh. It’s hard to roll out of bed and go straight to the TV for a game. I better get used to it.

I had time to make a cup of tea and I sat down right when the game started at 7am. My eyes were only half open during the first half.

At the break I made more tea and got something to eat so for the second half I felt more human.

Here’s a liveblog of the game. Scroll down to 24:19. There’s a hilarious photo of Mexico’s coach Javier Aguirre. He reminds me of a cartoon monster or something. I can’t quite place it. He also has a lot of tension in his neck.

I don’t have a lot of comments. Two good games. Lots of cute boys.

I hate the buzzing horn of doom:

The sound is from the vuvuzela, South Africa’s answer to the Thunderstick. By itself, it’s just a small plastic trumpet that probably cost less than a dollar to make and creates no known musical notes. But when thousands of people toot them simultaneously, you get a loud, incessant hum that makes the entire stadium sound like it’s being attacked by angry bees.

At least I’m not there in person.

Is it just me or did both sets of commentators seem obviously biased in favor of one team over the other? Aren’t they supposed to be neutral?

In the first game they made it sound like the Mexicans were assholes for trying to win. Yeah yeah, history, South Africa. I get it but it’s not like Mexico traveled all that way just so they could play a part in South Africa’s feel good story.

In the second game they kept talking about how whenever France tried to score, some Uruguay player would be in the way. I’m no expert but isn’t that the game? Damn those buzzkill Uruguayans not standing back so France could win. Near the end of the game the commentators conceded that if Uruguay managed to score, they would have earned it.

I wonder who will be calling the USA v England game tomorrow. I hope it’s not my mortal enemy Dave O’Brien Oh look, here’s the list. The Internet is the closest thing to magic we have. No Dave O’Brien. Dammit. It would have been so fun to complain about him.

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