Something that The Scorpions are up to.

I’ve been reading a ton of short fiction, especially different magazines. I’m trying to get a sense of markets and a sense of what’s being published.

I bought a magazine earlier in the week and when I was reading it on the bus, the pages were screwed up and I couldn’t finish the story. I switched to another story but the pages were still screwed up and I couldn’t finish that one either.

Today I went back to the store. I wasn’t a jerk at all. I showed them it was a printing error and asked if I could get another copy that wasn’t screwed up.

Further examination showed that every copy in the store was screwed up.

They weren’t exactly jerks but they weren’t apologetic either. I know it wasn’t their fault but I didn’t want a magazine where I couldn’t even read the stories.

They were like: well do you have the receipt? I guess we can process it as a return.

They gave me my money back. And that wasn’t even my goal. I would have taken a different fiction magazine at the same cost.

I was a little perplexed by their attitude. But I’d still go there again.

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One Response to Replacement

  1. AEJ says:

    The Scorpions are still alive? I had no idea.

    You should have kept your magazine and simply contacted the publisher and said WTF?

    Max could fix it.

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