Feeds NOT Poop

Timber Joey talking to a kid with a green mohawk with Timber Army in the background.

Why does WordPress give me this eeny teeny box to type my post in and then cram the rest of the screen with a bunch of worthless crap?

Looks like the feeds are working and whew! because I’m already bald and can’t afford to pull out anymore hair.

It’s hard not to suspect Saint Max is fixing it behind the scene somewhere because he doesn’t want one more hysterical email with the words “I don’t understand what XXX means” about 10 times.

In my follow up survey I told them to increase his ration of Mountain Dew and Twizzlers. I hope they listen.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Hey, Pamela. Sorry it’s been a rocky conversion. The site looks great. You can make the WordPress text box bigger by clicking on the lower right corner of the box and stretching it. Not obvious, but it works.

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