Three Bits

Did you read that Americans only clean their refrigerators once or twice a year?

If they meant, take out the crisper and cheese drawer and shelves and scrub out everything with water and baking soda, then yeah I only do that once or twice a year.

But they mean throw out all the old ooky stuff that no one ate.

I do that every week. There is nothing past date in my refrigerator, ever. There is no container in the back with an unidentified substance covered with mold.

The food lives in there. Why wouldn’t you want it sparkling clean?

Right now it’s almost empty and I scrubbed it out this evening. You could do heart surgery in there.

* * *

Our dryer has been broken for a long time. If there’s any time on the dial and the dryer door is closed then it would be on. So you had to turn it off using the dial.

Today I threw some stuff in and turned the dial and it didn’t work. I was opening and closing the door and turning the dial around and around. I thought it was broken.

Finally I hit the “push to start” button and it worked. So now broken is fixed.

* * *

I’m all packed. I’ve been working on traveling with smaller bags. On this trip I’m not even taking a backpack in addition to my main bag. Just one bag small enough to carry-on. Eventually I’m going to get it so that all I travel with is my ID and a ziploc bag with a single tube of moisturizer.

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3 Responses to Three Bits

  1. krisis says:

    Hmm. I would say I clean out my fridge every second grocery trip, as there are conceivably things that would survive and be edible for that length of time. So, every 4-6 weeks?

    Twice a year is very frightening, thinking about the things that could be potentially left in my fridge. Do you think that is a sign of laziness, or a sign of buying predominately pre-packaged, non-fresh food?

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi PM: if you see this.

    I think it's both laziness and buying convenience foods.

    My domestic life has been stable for over a decade so I have good instincts about what we eat in a week. And I hate being wasteful so I tend to plan around what we have. We cook at home.

    But still not cleaning out the fridge. oof!

  3. Lorelei says:

    I'm commenting here on your window washers because you didn't give us a comment link on that post. I just wanted to say they look like ninjas. I guess that was a lot of trouble and explaining why I was posting here about a different post and then all I had to say was they look like ninjas.

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