Things to See

Davidwache police station on the Reeperbahn.. It was nice to finally be running around Hamburg on our own so we could look at all the stuff we wanted. My Dad’s family lived in this police station a long time ago.

I should be more organized about the way I’m doing this to avoid repeating myself later but I can’t get it together quite yet.

My Sweetheart has checked in and as far as I can tell he’s averaged about 4 museums a day plus churches, exhibits, government offices and a concert one evening.

I have a picture of him when he was a tiny baby and he’s holding his head up with his eyes wide open looking around. He came out of the womb not wanting to miss anything and he hasn’t changed.

The things that attract you to your partner are the same things that drive you nuts about them. I’m glad he’s getting to see all this stuff and I’m glad I’m not being dragged around with him.

For my ideal vacation I don’t mind a museum or two but then I like to sit around and relax. He thinks sitting around is boring. Even when we were in Reno he managed to find a museum.

He’ll be home on Thursday.

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  1. AEJ says:

    When hubby and I go to the beach on vacation, I love to go to the movies. He thinks that's just the craziest thing he's ever heard, doing something at the beach that you can do at home. So I think, well then you know what else we won't be doing.

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