We practically sprained our arms patting ourselves on the back for picking such great hotels on the Internet and then we arrived in Amsterdam.

This the most tragically tiny hotel room in the world. I’m trying to take photos but it’s so small I can’t get back far enough. It doesn’t have a closet, it has a towel-rack thing where you can hang your coats. There is one shelf that’s big enough for three of Grandma’s knickknacks. There’s a drawer under the bed where Bob could fit his suitcase after he took out the extra pillows and towels.

At one point Bob was trying to find something in his suitcase and I had to sit on the toilet to get out of the way.

However all was forgiven when Bob discovered the giant TV screen above the bed with about 100 channels of free grown-up movies. We already saw a clip that involved two girls frolicking on a speed boat. So yeah, the world’s smallest hotel room with the giantest TV.

The trip is still going great. We had a great time in Hamburg and got lots of time with Tante Irmgard.

One of our cab drivers asked about our trip and we explained what we were doing and he said: Oh the relatives tour.

The relatives tour ended this morning.

We arrived in Amsterdam at 3pm and found the hotel, ditched our stuff and then went into town and got our local public transportation passes and some museum tickets. We found a fantastic meal and have returned to the hotel.

The only bummer is the weather. The weather is wearing me down. I knew we wouldn’t have great weather on this trip at this time of year but I didn’t anticipate that we’d be lucky if it hit 40 for a high during the day. I’m always cold. My feet are cold. My hands are cold. We’ve been lucky on precipitation. We’ve missed a lot of the worst of it until today. Cold hard rain. I had to wring my hat out. Yahoo weather tells me that the rain stops after today. Yay.

This hotel has free terminals so I might check in again but we have two full days in Amsterdam and then I go to the airport first thing Thursday morning.

Bob is waiting for turn so I’m off for now.

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2 Responses to Amsterdam

  1. krisis says:

    Oh my. Sounds just like the first place we wound up in London. The room was so small that for one of us to walk around the other had to sit on the bed or stand in the shower, which directly adjoined the bed(!)

  2. kmari03 says:

    I really loved Amsterdam. I went there twice while I was studying abroad, but I never stayed overnight…I just took the train from Belgium. Definitely go to the Rijskmuseum and the Van Gogh museum if you have time…I thought they were really cool and they had good audio tours for people like me who know very little about art. I also thought it was really exciting to see the Anne Frank house. And I liked the idea of all the colorful food that they try to sell to people who are high, but it all tastes rather bland. I have about a million pictures of multicolored donuts and waffles though.

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