The Simple Life Ain’t So Simple

At last, all my major responsibilities for the week are over. Comcast has been and and gone. The guy seemed slightly taken aback when I ran out to the truck and thanked him.

Now I’ve got a little free time and I think I’m going to squander part of it by sitting on the couch and watching one of my shows.

Today was writer’s group and I usually bake a treat. When I know I’m going to be busy I usually buy cookie dough or brownie mix to make it easy. This week I was mesmerized by the pictures of layer cakes on the cake mix boxes and threw a mix in my cart. Of course, later I realized that made no sense. That I wasn’t going to pour the mix in a bowl and pull a frosted layer cake out of the oven.

I thought I could make it a bundt cake and drizzle something over the top. I hollered at Kira and Amanda for help and Amanda recommended a basic ganache and explained how to do it.

I made the cake last night but I waited until this morning at the last minute to do the topping. I needed to bathe before the meeting and the chocolate wasn’t melting so I finally put it in my improvised double boiler and put it on low and jumped in the shower. When I returned it was all melty and I very delicately attempted to drizzle it on my cake.


I used a spatula to smear it around. I wasn’t sure whether this was a disaster or not. It’s not a great photo. I still need a “make your food look pretty on your blog” tutorial. It tasted fantastic and everyone loved it. That’s good enough for me.

On Tuesday I had a smoked bacon cheeseburger and fries that ruined my digestive system for 24 hours but was so totally worth it.

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3 Responses to The Simple Life Ain’t So Simple

  1. Lorelei says:

    I'm sending this comment from the emergency shelter, where I'm powering my computer through the use of a generator, which I had packed in my emergency kit.

    Now if only I had that cheeseburger, fries, and cake.

  2. kmari03 says:

    wow, that burger looks good. is that from the stands downtown? veggie burgers always taste best from a griddle.

  3. Amanda says:

    All things considered, I'd call your cake a success! I've totally been there with the chocolate scrounging, by the way.

    Glad it worked out for ya! 🙂

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