Flower Power

I just realized that I didn’t crop those the way I intended. Oh well.

I haven’t bought any new dahlia bulbs for two years because i already have so many and I’d shifted my attention to more spring bulbs. Last summer I noticed I’d lost a bunch of my dinner plate dahlias, probably during the winter wonderland of December 08, so I grabbed highlighter and post-its when my catalog showed up. I’m going to be restrained but will buy more than just replacing my dinner plate collection. There are a bunch of new ones but the bulbs are up to $23 a piece. Yikes. I’m a lazy gardener. I don’t need luxury flowers to fret about.

This morning I saw an unfamiliar cat jumping around in the backyard and I realized it had a mouse. I leaned up on the kitchen counter and yelled, “Bob! There’s a cat and mouse in our yard.” That made the cat look at me and the mouse tottered around in the grass. The cat went back to bashing on the mouse and Bob came in and said, “Yeah, there is a mouse.” So then the cat looked at us again and after a long pause the mouse scampered under the deck. The cat jumped around the deck but couldn’t get at the mouse. We laughed. That mouse better not start a family anywhere inside this house.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    Pretty flowers! Come tend my garden, please.

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