Problems Around The House In Various Stages Of Being Dealt With

Tree Next Door: Oct 09 09

Problem: Violent leak from ceiling vent in remodeled bathroom.

Stage of Being Dealt With: Had been identified as problem area earlier but no leakage had ever occurred. Then we got 1.5 inches of rain in 36 hours and water streamed from vent. Have raised level of urgency in getting fixed.

Tree Next Door: Oct 17 09

Problem: Low pressure in kitchen sink faucet.

Stage of Being Dealt With: Fixed

Tree Next Door: Oct 22 09

Problem: Funny smell in kitchen sink.

Stage of Being Dealt With: Obvious things have been done but results only short term. Probably some sort of plumbing/drainage nightmare lurking in our future. Will ignore until something worse happens then raise urgency level.

Tree Next Door: Oct 30 09

Problem: No warm air coming from heating vent in living room.

Stage of Being Dealt with: Just noticed and fiddled with vent. Needs to be removed from wall for further investigation. Have put tool kit in living room to help inspire me.

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2 Responses to Problems Around The House In Various Stages Of Being Dealt With

  1. kmari03 says:

    sometimes when these little things happen, it just makes me want to demolish my place and start over. somehow that option (demolishing) never seems less complicated than whatever small disaster has occurred.

  2. Angela Williams Duea says:

    Can you come over and fix my stuff next? I'll hang outside and take some fall photos…pretty please?

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