Ten Years Ago Today I Started Working With Co-Worker

Last week when we went to Idaho, co-worker and I sat next to each other on the aisle. We didn’t talk to each other except once before the flight took off when I told him about a story idea I had and asked if it would be more interesting if it was set on a spaceship. I had interrupted him from reading that dazzling piece of literature known as the in-flight magazine. He gave me an annoyed look and said he didn’t care where I set my story.

Meanwhile, this man sat down behind me who did not stop talking from the minute he sat down. It was amazing. He talked about work. He talked about weather. He talked about looking for a job and needing some classes but he didn’t really like to study. He talked about going to the gym and working out but said he didn’t really like to exercise. He also didn’t like to get up early. He said he was married and I felt sorry for his wife.

After the plane landed but before we deboarded, I pulled my backpack from the overhead bin and accidentally bumped co-worker with it.

He said, “Watch out or I’m going to sue you.”

I said, “Go ahead. I’m not afraid of you.”

All the people around us went silent, including talking man. I guess they didn’t realize we know each other and talk to each other like that all the time.

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2 Responses to Ten Years Ago Today I Started Working With Co-Worker

  1. Lorelei says:

    lol!! It's always fun to mess with people. 10 yrs is a long time to have to see someone daily you're not married to.

  2. Kim says:

    wow, that's an anniversary.

    i love those plane flight conversations. they get etched in your mind forever. i can think of a handful in my life right now from over ten years ago.

    what is it about stuff that happens on planes? i guess it's like stuff that happens in elevators but for an extended time.

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