Our Own Space Ship

My husband has posted on several things that I had on my mind:

We had a wonderful little market in our neighborhood TP Market. It was family run forever and they finally sold it to some people who I’m going to guess were not local who quickly ran it into the ground. We went in there one time and never returned.

It has new owners and they’re dismantling it and trying to make it into something else. Hopefully something good.

Also Bob and his Mom helped arrange a backstage zoo tour with some favorite local kids. Check out the close-up of the polar bear.

This post is about Marcelle’s, a local small business success that I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. A ton of businesses have tried to make it in that location and Marcelle figured out how to do it. A really nice neighborhood destination.

– – –

I tend to be fanatical about turning off lights and watching the thermostat. Except for two lights in our house that I like to keep on pretty continuously during the dark time of year.

One is a light in the garage right where the stairs to the basement are. The basement is Bob’s man-cave and he goes up and down those stairs at all hours of the night and day. I do not want to get up one morning and find his twisted body at the bottom of the stairs in the dark.

The other is a light above our kitchen sink. It’s a nice nightlight for when we get home after dark or during the middle of the night when I’m wandering around wishing I could sleep.

Several years ago I put in those “save-the-planet” light bulbs that manufacture energy as they work and last for 20 years. Except that the one in the garage finally burned out and I replaced it. I didn’t understand that there are different types of “save-the-planet” bulbs and the one I bought is really bright and has a bluish tint. So now it looks like there’s a space ship emitting bright light in our garage. I’m going to see if I can buy a different kind because I don’t like it.

This week is medium busy. We’ll see how it goes.

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