75 Percent More Stupid

I will probably surprise you when I tell you that I’ve had a huge variety of office jobs since the late eighties and I’ve never used PowerPoint. In fact, until very recently I’d never had a computer with PP on it and until even more very recently, had never even opened the program.

And even though I’ve never used it, I don’t like it. I’m like those people who want to ban books they’ve never read or complain about movies they’ve never seen.

There’s a situation coming up in a few short days and I’ve been advised (not ordered) that a PP might be valuable in this situation. And I said, I can’t do it. I don’t know how to use PP.

Every single person I’ve told this story to has said, “Sure you can. PP is easy.”

Baking chocolate chip cookies is easy. Driving a car is easy. Juggling flame-throwing chainsaws is easy — IF YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

Yeah, I’m sure even a wizened intellect like mine could figure it out. It’s hard to tell when I haven’t even tried. But it’s not like I’m just going to cut and paste an outline. I need to think about how to organize my information for the intended audience using this type of communication.

Also I don’t want to because I think PP makes you stupid. Wasn’t there a study or something to support that? PP makes you 5 to 75 percent more stupid? I thought I heard that.

I guess instead of sitting here whining I could be learning PP.

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