Homemade Buns

You’re probably wondering why anyone would go through the trouble of making homemade hamburger buns. I’m telling you this recipe is worth it. If you are an experienced yeasted bread maker, this is really easy. Sure, the star of a burger is the meat. But with these buns, instead of soggy bleargh holding your condiments onto your burger, you’ve got one more delicious flavor.

Try it. I took pictures of the entire meal but the rest came out terrible.

The lemon buttermilk ice cream turned out fantastic, too. Well, that’s partly a lie. It tasted fantastic. It didn’t get quite frozeny enough. I served with fresh raspberries.

In another amazing announcement, my magazine drawer is empty. Yes, you read that correctly: empty. I have read every periodical in the pile including all the newsletters, the Port of Vancouver Report and the annual Vancouver Water Quality Report. I know I enjoy this only briefly and that tomorrow the mailman will bring me a new pile to read. But for at least 24 hours, I was able to sit back and prop my feet on the open drawer and revel in my accomplishments.

Last note of the day: This is my favorite story I read last year: 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss By Kij Johnson. I listened to it again yesterday while I was cooking. That’s an audio form. Reading form here.

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