It’s Such A Magical Mysteria

Pumpkins, ready to live outside.

Technology and me – why can’t we just get along? I had all these great photos on my desktop that I was going to write a post about but then my computer tricked me into restarting it and they all folded up and returned to the magical land where they live before I click on them. I’m not in the mood to dig around for them again right now. I have another technology situation that I’m too embarrassed to write about but it’s hard not understanding how to do things.

I spent a huge part of my weekend trying to wrangle this story that just can’t figure out what it’s going to be. I discard 500 words for every 1000 I write. I thought I knew exactly what I was doing today and I wrote about 1000 words that barely introduce the scene I thought I was going to zip through.

I’m going to keep flogging on it. I think if I could just get to the end I’d know how to do the middle better. Maybe next weekend I’ll run off to a secret bunker with no Internet and see if that speeds up the process.

We got our furnace replaced last fall and for the last couple of days we’ve used the air conditioner with the new fan (or whatever, I don’t know how it works). I like having a cool house but that thing will blow your hair back if you stand too close. I guess we did good with our purchase. Walker makes fun of me because I’m always cold but I had to put sweat pants on just so I could sit at my desk.

I love it with reservations.

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