Pretty Grumpy

Here’s Sparky 8 days After Coming Out of the Water

Here’s Sparky 10 days after Going Into the Water

Sparky was a toy I bought for Kira. You put him in water and he expands. You take him out and he shrinks. There’s not much to recommend here.

The directions said that putting it in a bigger container would make it grow bigger so we put it in the most gigantic mixing bowl I had. He didn’t get that big. And now he’s shrinking and looks like a little dog three times his age.

I had a super busy weekend of doing stuff and when I wasn’t doing stuff I was writing like a madwoman.

If all goes well I’ll submit the thing I’m 98% done with this week.

Then I can catch up on email, blog post reading, comments, phone calls, linen closet organizing, garden planting and the ten trillion other things I’ve completely ignored for the last month or so.

To be truthful, I’m pretty grumpy right now. And it’s time to make dinner.

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