Some Magical Something

I used this photo to help me on a writing project today. It’s the Trinity Alps Wilderness in July 07. I can’t wait to go back.

Is Flickr on crack today?

I have a quick 15 minutes while the rice is still cooking so I thought I’d run in here and throw together another half-assed post.

When you make writing the first priority everything else is half-assed.

Flickr kept telling me I needed to sign in. Then I’d sign in and it it would say, “Oh no, you need to go back and sign in.”

After we did this awhile I went to the h’ep menu and said my password wouldn’t work.

I did the “WTF I can’t login wizard” and it told me to check my email for some magical something that would help me login.

Then I did that and it said it expired and to try again later. Damn Flickr doing drugs on a Saturday night.

My sweetheart disappeared this morning to go buy his favorite muffins. After he left the store closed for the day. Gluten free, Eden. You can’t leave until these muffins are gone.

My old health care just last week sent me a notice about how Cobra works. This is fantastic news seeing as how I went on Cobra back in October and actually switched to a new health care plan on January 1st. Which I’ve already used. And I can already tell has its act together 200% better than Healthnet.

I would say more but it seems terrible to complain about having bad shoes when 10% of my neighbors have no feet so we’ll leave it at that.

Crow, watching the storm and waiting for Kira

I think I’m going to have at least a couple of daffodils when company shows up. I hope so.

I can hear the rice cooker beeping so I guess my time is up.

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