Shadow Licking His Chops

Here’s the part where you all get to laugh at me and my horrible taste in music.

Whatever. I’ve never tried to pretend I was cool. At least not on this blog.

I heard this song on the radio that I liked so I remembered some of the lyrics and looked it up on iTunes and it turns out the band is called Airborne Toxic Event and the song is called “Somewhere Around Midnight.”

When I was a girl, bands had names like Mötley Crüe, Dëf Leppärd and Güns n’ Röses.

WTF kind of name is Airborne Toxic Event? Oh, excuse me. The Airborne Toxic Event.

Here are some of my ideas for some band names:

Taco Eating Frenzy

Bloody Festering Wound

Shiny Hubcap Party

I’d think of more but I’m hungry and need dinner. Three loyal readers, please leave your ideas in the comments.

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