See’s Situation

It’s not as dire as it seems. There was a big sign on the door that said just that particular store is closed. I can’t make excuses to run over there on my lunch hour. The ones at the malls are still open.

I hate the mall and the idea of having to make a special trip just to get my See’s fix disgruntles me. Plus if See’s would have told me they were closing I would have stocked up.

That’s a little bit of a joke because I have a few nuts and chews at the office plus 2 1lb Valentine’s boxes (1 – milk chocolate , 1 – assorted) which I have to share with Bob. Plus I have a 1 lb box of truffles that I’m going to take to the office because the nuts and chews are getting so low. You thought I was kidding when I said I cried.

I don’t eat chocolate every day or even every week. But when I want it, I want it. And it has to be good.

And speaking of chocolate, when I got to the grocery store last night I was thrilled to see that Cadbury Eggs are out. I bought one big one and a packet of a dozen little ones.

It’s too early for wine (I’m typing this in the morning) but I put this bottle in the picture to keep the theme going. I’m going to see Kimberlee the massage therapist today and I’m giving it to her because it’s Kimberly’s Reserve. And also very delicious.

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