Stinky Bar

Shadow Contemplating the Klamath

Shadow searching for something stinky to roll in.

It must be at least three months since I’ve complained about the Oregon State Bar.

I’ve been doing this work for something like 17 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever had a pleasant exchange with the OSB. It can’t be that terrible a place to work yet everyone you talk to is like an embittered DMV employee.

I’m sure they have to deal with lots of assholes. But I’m not an asshole. I’m always friendly and polite.

I always look for information on their mostly worthless website first. It’s filled with information that’s difficult to find. It’s as if the public library were a giant pit filled with books and papers and the librarians acted all surly and overworked and pointed at the hole and insisted all the information was there.

I think I’m done with them for this round. I hope.

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