Brontë Obsession

A new Wuthering Heights is on Masterpiece Theater. I saw an ad for it somewhere and thought, I haven’t seen WH in a long time. I’m going to watch that.

Apparently I’ve never watched WH nor have I read the book because this story is intensely weird and completely unfamiliar to me.

I watched the first half hour on Monday night and then ran to the bookshelf and found the paperback and have embarked on a full fledged Brontë obsession complete with wikipedia-ing the Yorkshire Moors and then flickring the same thing. Now I’m thinking a library trip is in order so I can grab a Brontë sister bio.

Shouldn’t I have gone through this about thirty years ago?

I thought maybe I had WH confused with Jane Eyre. Are there other old gothy romantic classics that I’m forgetting? I tried to formulate that into a query for search engine but didn’t get too far. Netflix didn’t help either but it gave me ideas for a ton of other movies to watch. I just put the most recent version of Masterpiece Theater’s Jane Eyre into the queue.

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