This is my Pirates of the Caribbean wristband I got at the Super Biz Mart store this morning for a dollar. They have more and also red ones so if you want one, let me know and I’ll go back and buy you one. You can also see the purple spot on my thumb where I shut the shower door on it the other day.

Starting at Thanksgiving I suddenly randomly couldn’t pump gas into my car. The nozzle would keep shutting off. First I thought it was the pump I was using so I moved my car. But it wouldn’t work that one either. I asked Bob if he could try and he went to a different gas station and had the same problem.

You can get gas in the car but it’s a lot of work. Luckily I don’t drive much so it hasn’t been a huge issue.

Between weather and holidays we haven’t had time to deal with it so I thought I’d just get it over with today. I hate putting off car stuff. They gave me an early appointment so I thought, “Good I’ll get this over with and have the whole day.” I set my alarm and got up at dark-thirty and rushed out of the house. Bob picked me up and we went for breakfast and killed some time visiting a few shops because Toyota is completely across town from us. That’s why we were in Super Biz Mart (possibly not actual name).

Finally at about Noon I called to see what was up and they still hadn’t looked at it. Why the hell did they ask me to come in so early if they weren’t even going to look at it?

We went home and sort-of put our plans on hold not knowing when we’d have to go over and pick it up.

You know that thing I do when I always expect it to cost $600? Well, I didn’t do that this time. I just assumed this was going to take an hour or two, a hundred bucks and I’d be on my way.

Oops. They finally just called and the combobulator filter agitator trip-wire bungyuny is all fouled up and needs to be replaced and there is one part, somewhere in Portland and they think they can get it tomorrow and if all goes well I can pick up my car by this time tomorrow. For about $525.

Okay. It’s not $600 but farkity-fark-fark-fark.

I was mad but I got over it quickly. Lots of things to be grateful for right now. It’s just money. Besides my “If Dec 30 is your birthday” horoscope says that the year ahead will offer “many chances to get ahead.”

We are on our way to see Slumdog Millionaire and have a bite to eat.

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