Winter Hooey Part 759

This morning we cleared the walk and driveway and chained up and headed out and got groceries. It wasn’t as dreadful as I expected.

You could tell I haven’t been out of the house much since I tried to strike up a conversation with every single person in the store and parking lot. I’m not normally very friendly.

Best moment: when the music was the the Herb Alpert version of that Sleigh Ride song. We danced a little in the aisle.

I have photos of the adventure but I left the camera in Bob’s car and he is being a prince and looking in on his mother. He might also be trying to scrounge up some sort of Christmas present for me since he got out of school about fifteen minutes before all this weather happened and he’s had little opportunity to get out there and do his thing.

Christmas is mostly canceled. My family isn’t coming up. I’ll deal with shipping out their presents later. This morning I revised my menu and shopping list accordingly.

The Reading Pile

This isn’t a completely accurate image of the to read pile. I have tiers of piles.

Things are organized depending how badly I want to read them or how quickly I want to return them or how guilty I feel about how long they’ve been in the launch area contrasted those I’m intentionally avoiding but hang on so as to appear like I might read them someday. I did finally give back The Kite Runner.

I thought this would be a fun project and ran around trying to find everything I wanted to read. I pulled stuff from my bedside table, a lot of it already partially read, and from different parts of the bookshelves. I made that giant pile and then I felt sort of sick and despondent. When am I ever going to get to all that? Plus I resent anything longer than 300 pages. Well, unless it has angsty teen vampire romance.

Many of those I don’t intend to sit down and read cover to cover. And that’s not every single unread book in the house that I’d like to get to eventually. Bob has zillions of interesting books on his shelves, too.

Well, there are worse problems a girl can have.

My index card collection.

I have a thing about index cards. I have them in every color, lined, unlined and graphed. 3×5 and smaller ones from Germany. I don’t like the bigger ones except I use some 4×6 at the office.

I keep them all over the house. All over my desk and computer cart. By my bed. I was holding back on using the little ones and I found a whole stack behind some pillar candles when I was pulling them all out to take this photo.

The ones on the bottom are special deluxe colored ones. The lined side is one color and the unlined side a different color. I know, cool, huh? I don’t remember where I got them. I found a stack of regular white ones in the other room after I took this photo.

I have some that I bought recently that are not cardlike at all. They’re like construction paper. I believe this is a crime against nature and will submit a complaint to the appropriate authorities. That’s what happens when America outsources all its manufacturing. Terrible index cards.

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