Best Thanksgiving Ever, So Far

We saw three bald eagles on the drive home. THREE!

Two on the Klamath, at the same time. This is one of them. The other in the Willamette Valley.

We left at 9am and stopped in Somes Bar for coffee, stopped for bald eagle photos and stopped again for fog photos which I will post tomorrow or later in the week. We ate giant plates of Mexican food in Roseburg and when we hit town we stopped at Safeway for groceries before we went home.

I’m beat.

This is Shadow, the world’s most popular dog, moments after being given a rubdown in the river because he rolled in something so stinky it made Erin gag. Later, in the car, he sat behind me and I wept real tears due to the stench. Imagine you bought a hundred pounds of greens and totally forgot them in the fridge and then when you finally remembered to take them out they were all slimy and stinky and just then, 100 camels farted in the same room. It was bad. He had to have another major scrubdown when he got home.

This is Shyboy, the world’s biggest scardicat. His origins are sad. Someone threw a bunch of kittens over the side of the road or something and he was feral but my folks were endlessly patient and turned him and his brother into nervous domesticated cats. His brother, Friendly, met an untimely end a couple of weeks ago in the clutches of a mean dog(s). (This is rugged country, folks.)

Shyboy has been sort of needy ever since. He has sat in my lap exactly two times in history because he’s anxious around strangers. Of course this weekend it was while I was very busy working on getting my NaNoWriMo words done and did not want a cat in my lap.

I’m also including this shot because of the watercolors of me and my sister way a long time ago when we were little.

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