I found the scribbles of genius in my coat pocket this morning. Yay. I had intended to look there but since I was having the world’s busiest weekend, and the weekend did not involve any rain, I never got around to it.

Yesterday on the way home from the candle party the traffic came to a screeching halt at the bottom of the Marquam Bridge. I figured there was something going on at the Rose Garden Arena and we’d be past it soon and cranked my Scorpions Rockers and Ballads CD a few notches and didn’t worry about it.

But when we got to the Rose Quarter, I realized that everyone wasn’t getting off the freeway. I also noticed that the only cars coming from the opposite direction were coming from the onramp.

I felt a little bit queasy about this because if the freeway is totally shut down, it can’t be good. Then we curved around and there was an RV sideways – completely blocking the entire southbound freeway. (To clarify, my side wasn’t blocked, we were lookie-loos.) It was so perfectly sandwiched in there, they were still trying to sort out how to tow it. There was maybe a 3 foot space between the back end and the freeway median.

It didn’t look bad enough that anyone was hurt, only a pain to clean up. This morning I looked for skidmarks on my way in to see if I could figure out what happened. It’s a spot where three lanes goes to two and looks like the RV had to brake hard probably because some jackass zoomed around on the right, and then skidded perfectly sideways.

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