New Furnace

Turns out I’m about three weeks ahead of schedule on my regular holiday-overschedule hysteria attack.

I had a slight preview to this earlier this week. I had an errand to run in another part of town and I thought I’d invite a friend who lives out that way to join me and we could have lunch and visit and so forth.

I got out the calendar and realized that the only day I could do this errand before December 19th was today. And because I’m crazy and doing National Novel Writing Month and doing a related but different project for my writer’s group which meets tomorrow in addition to regular old having a life, there was no way I could do lunch or visit. I ran out and did errand and returned and parked back in the writing chair.

But the panic started when I tried to figure out when to schedule our inspections for the furnace. We have to do two and we were advised that one of us should take the day off to be here for these inspections. But Bob doesn’t have the kind of job where you can just take a day off so you can get some inspections and I shouldn’t have to take a day off since I’m on a 4-day work week.

First I thought we could do it next Friday and get it over with. But you know what’s on Friday?

Twilight. And I know it’s just a dumb movie but I have been looking forward to that dumb movie for a long time and I want to be sitting in the theater downtown at the first matinee at 11am with my Team Edward t-shirt, and my Team Vampire baseball cap and my limited edition Bella and Edward Raisinets and my Forks Washington Commemorative Super Gulp and see my damn movie. I don’t think I should have to miss it just because we got a new furnace.

Meanwhile, I have something every single Friday between now and December 19. I need to call and see if we can schedule it that far out, otherwise I’ll suck it up and take a day. I just hate using up leave pay for something stupid like that. Or to make it even stupider, you could argue that I’m taking leave pay so I can see a vampire movie.

I bet I’m not the only one.

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