Guess What’s for Dessert?

This morning Bob took me to a breakfast place that’s a local chain. It’s located in a strip mall between a laundromat and a payday loan place and has yellow walls and hard chairs.

After we were seated Bob said, “Isn’t this nice?”

I said, “Remind me how we ended up together.”

It’s one of those places with a confusing menu where if you order just what you want to eat, say, 1 pancake and 1 sausage link, it costs about $9 but if you order the special with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 sausage links it’s a buck cheaper and all the food you can’t finish gets thrown away.

The monthly pancake special was pumpkin and it was delicious. But between my breakfast special and my hot chocolate I had more sugar and fat (two giant dollops of whipped cream!) and carbs than I’m accustomed to before Noon and as soon as we got home I had to have a nap.

Today’s writing hasn’t been worth crap and I’m fretting about wasting a whole free day without getting any work done. I’m going to keep my butt in the chair for one more hour and then light a presto log and goof off until dinner.

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