Busy Week

Tons going on so if I post at all, it will be half-assed posts like this.

Today’s photo is from the deep archives. This is Uncle Barry, Auntie Janet and me at what I believe is the famous camping trip to the Olympic Rain Forest. (Just in case you don’t click through, I’ll tell you that average rain fall is 220 inches a year.) I think the photo was taken by Aunt Aileen.

We drove out to the beautiful Olympic National Forest and set up camp and then enjoyed a lovely hike where we took this photo. We returned to camp and it began to rain. We were prepared for this and sat under our dripping tarp making our dinner and exclaiming how fun it was to be out camping in the rain.

After dinner we huddled on a picnic bench under our shelter and placed bets on how long before the sagging tarp fell and how much water had accumulated at the bottom of our tents.

After dessert we pulled up camp, threw everything in the car and drove home and slept in warm, dry beds. In the morning, Auntie made pancakes and we reminisced about our wonderful camping trip.

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