Monday Countdown to Friday

I updated the garden photoset. I’ll probably post a couple more before I go. The only thing I’m going to get out of it is baby turnips. Nothing else is close. Also I’m worried about the pumpkins because every single one I put in the ground: slugs snacked on the stems and they don’t look very healthy. We’ll see. Meanwhile, this resulted in aggressive use of slug bait. Do not mess with my pumpkins.

What’s the deal with Doctor Who this season? There’s hasn’t been one episode that I thought was great. (Unlike, say, Battlestar Galactica which peels my face off every time.) I hate the new companion. I’ve really tried to like her but she’s annoying and completely charmless. It’s really bumming me out. The one with the daughter who looks like Veronica Mars was especially wretched.

The renter(s) next door moved out a week or two ago. I’ve mentioned them a few times. They never bothered us but at one point there were at least 4 possibly 5 20-ish young people living there in addition to the grown-ups and this is an absurdly tiny house for so many adults. Every person had a car and there was lots of coming and going plus one of them had a snarly dog. But they weren’t noisy and didn’t render fat in the backyard and the grown-ups were friendly. Nothing to complain about. However, I did wonder if the landlord knew about all those people living there but at one point the man came over and asked me about his son’s car for sale in front of our house and did it bother me because other neighbors had called and complained to the landlords. He had a long sob story and I felt bad if the neighbors were giving him a hard time.

At some point he left and then most of the young people left and then I saw the woman moving out and went over to say good-bye and she had a long sob story and I felt bad that she was having a hard time.

The home owners live out of town and one of them came up to check out the house. They called us because we have this shared hedge that was growing out of control and Bob talked to him and turns out they had no idea any of those people lived there except the woman. They also left the garage filled with trash.

Now thinking back on those conversations with the people that lived there, I’m guessing they were practicing their stories on me.

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