My Own Private Idaho

Boise Airport

I arrived in Idaho this morning for a 2 day conference thing. Ideally Monday would have been a travel day except I didn’t want to miss a yoga class or take any more time away from the office and there’s a 6am flight from Portland to Boise which seemed ideal at the time and I suppose it was except for the part when my alarm went off at 4am. I am a total morning person and even I thought that was gruesome.

Boise River

Plus sitting in a conference when you’re already tired is not an easy feat. I was very tempted to live-blog it because I could have made it very funny but unfortunately, it’s not cool to publicly make fun of work. I’ve done this conference before and let’s just say this time was unusually action-packed.

DIsmount Zone

I did something I’ve never done before and I went out and had adventures. Usually when I travel for work, I’m the person sitting in my hotel room eating an apple and watching TV. Co-worker travels to Boise more frequently and said I should try to find the Basque blocks.

We Want Hair Models

The gals at the hotel front desk said that there was a great greenway for walking and if I turned right I’d be on my way downtown. I set off with great optimism. I did grab my raincoat because it was grey, windy and spitting.

Main Street

I walked for about 40 minutes and didn’t see anything that seemed like downtown. This tunnel said Main Street which sounded promising. And about every mile the greenway had a map and I thought I was gradually making my way toward something. But I was worried about getting lost and also worried about how safe the greenway was. The women at the hotel didn’t hint that I should be cautious but it was pretty isolated and there were a couple people that felt faintly sketchy.

Idaho Power

I finally seemed to be making progress and I decided to screw it and keep going. I could take a cab back to the hotel. Once I knew I had a ride I didn’t have to be so concerned about where I ended up. The deeper I got into downtown the better it seemed.

Thrift Store

Co-worker talked to me on the cellphone until I found the Basque blocks and the restaurant. This is something I never do: go to a nice restaurant by myself.

Leku Ona

I put myself in the hands of the very capable and friendly staff and had a fabulous meal. Took a cab home and now I’m ready for bed.

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