Beverly Hills Diet

Another classic shot from the 60’s. I’m the one in the red dress.

Remember the Beverly Hills diet? I thought about it because I just peeled and ate an entire (huge carbon footprint) mango. It was delicious.

The Beverly Hills diet was where you ate only one fruit for a whole day. Like one day you’d eat only pineapple. But you could eat as much as you want. Do you have any idea what that does to the inside of your mouth?

I think other days you could eat different fruits for different meals. Like for breakfast as much mango as you want and for lunch as many strawberries as you want.

I’m doing this all from memory so this may not be a 100% correct representation of the diet. Do not begin without consulting your doctor.

If you’ve ever eaten nothing but fruit for a day you can imagine what this does to your digestive system. Nothing dawdles in there for long.

One other thing I remember was that the diet recommended air-popped popcorn as a “natural broom for the system.” Like your system needed a broom after eating pineapple all day. It’s hard to imagine that diet was ever appealing but as I recall it was all the rage and you’d see the book with its little gold pineapples on the cover in every bookstore window.

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