Stupid White Subaru

Yesterday on the way home a Subaru pulled out in front of the bus in the HOV lane. I didn’t see what happened because I was reading my book but that’s what the other passengers said happened. The bus had to slam on its brakes and skidded for a long time and veered to one side and I fell on the floor with all my stuff. I wasn’t hurt but I was embarrassed. Plus I’ve always joked that if there’s ever an accident on the bus that I will probably die and now I’m sure of it. The bus driver stayed cool as a cucumber but the passengers were rioting to chase down that Subaru.

Then I got home and I’d barely put my purse down and the doorbell rang. It was Sierra Club. Whenever these people come to the door they always tell me that it’s important that we do something about the environment and apparently the most important thing that we can do is to hand them a check right then. They have nothing on paper that you can look over and decide later. Also his story waffled a bit because first he said when I joined I’d have all these benefits of membership like a magazine. Then when I objected to giving them money so they could send me tons of crap he said they wouldn’t mail me anything. I sent them on their way.

I don’t give money to people that come to my door except small children selling candy for ballet camp and baseball uniforms.

After dinner I watched an XFiles from the first season called Gender Bender that was good and creepy and included a bit part with Krycek before he became Krycek.

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