The guy in the newspaper says these flowers are edible. I see no reason to doubt him but I’m not sure how to serve them.

I’ve been working on a writing project which means that everything else has been abandoned. Except the garden. I put in some good time on weeds and edging and more weeds and I re-planted a bunch of dahlias that I dug up last fall. I probably should have given them away but I dug a trench and tossed in some bone meal and put the moldy blobs in there. I also did some creative vandalism and dug up some of my next door neighbor’s weeds and planted some bulbs over there.

Future Raspberries

Doctor Who is really bumming me out. I had a disk of three episodes I missed from last season and I hated them all. There was a two part Dalek one that was doody and another one about a ship falling into the sun which also was pretty lame. And for the new season I don’t like the new companion who seems like a whiner. I wish Torchwood would start up again.

Future Apple

I didn’t have time to watch the season finale of Lost yet. I can’t believe that myself. Battlestar Galactica peeled my face off. It’s a great show in the sense that no one does anything that you want them to.

I did clean the interior of my car which I know will be rewarding when I sit there tomorrow on my way to work.

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