I originally labeled this photo 1970-something. I’m thinking very early seventies. I’m too lazy to do research on its location but somewhere in Hawaii where you can look out at that fabulous view while wearing an awesome white and red flower matching shorts-top set and socks with sandals and be twins with your sister while your mother checks out the view in a tangerine mini-dress. Grandma looks pretty normal. My sister is also making her almost-famous goofy face. I have got to go back and tag all my sister goofy face photos or gather them onto one page. She’d love it.

Yellowjacket Nest

This photo I took today. I hate to fixate on the weather but it’s been so consistently horrible (wet, cold except for two days that were blistering hot) for so long that I’m despairing a bit. It’s not even the rain as much as the cold. But the scary insects don’t move much in the cold so I took the opportunity to get the wire cages out of the shed so that the peas have something to climb up and I swept down the nests in the shed and this one which was right over the back door.

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