Little White Flowers

This is a plant that’s in the backyard. It’s ugly all year round except for a few weeks in the spring.

The spring around here has been pretty bad. 50 degrees and rain. I’ve been whining that we weren’t going to get any of those gorgeous 75 degree days where you walk around hugging yourself and wiping tears from your eyes because you feel so fortunate to live in such a gorgeous place. I cried that we’d go from 50 to 90.

You know what? It was 50 today and raining and the weather people say it’s going to be 90 on Friday. I bet about 5000% humidity, too.

Solomon's Seal

A couple years ago for Administrative Professional’s Day (Whatever. If you type “Administrative Assistant” into Wikipedia’s search engine you get shuffled right in to Secretary. Thanks, Wikipedia. Why not shuffle woman into “domestic slave,” too.) colleague gave me a plant which I later planted in my yard. I’m not a plant expert but whatever this is, a bulb or rhizome or something, it keeps spreading. It used to be 3 little stalks and now there’s almost a dozen and they’re about two feet tall.

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