Filled With Delicious Sugar Water
A couple of weekends ago during one of the 15 minute warm spells we’ve had I saw hummingbird try to feed at our red barbecue. I decided to we needed a hummingbird feeder and the next time I was at Fred Meyer I went to grab one and turns out there are about 25 different kinds in all shapes and sizes.

I decided to skip the traditional clear plastic thing with a red top and red feeding flowers at the bottom and buy this pretty lavender shaped glass dome with glass feeding flowers. I’ll take a picture this weekend.

I suspect everything on the box is a lie. It said it was hand-blown eco-glass (?) and it came wrapped up in a giant piece of Styrofoam bigger than my head. It said it was easy to fill. It was not. It said it was guaranteed to attract hummingbirds and I’ve yet to see one.

The directions also said I’m supposed to clean the thing twice a week. We’ll see how that goes.

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