Front Door: Centered
Argh. What a long stupid day. I’m not even going to get started otherwise this will be just one long whiny post.

It’s over now and I’m home and out of my work clothes, a delicious low-cost Trader Joe’s adult beverage option is at my side, fresh Doctor Who DVD arrived in netflix today. Time to relax.

Instead I bring you this photo from a house being built on my route between home and the park-n-ride.

Why-oh-why would you put your front door way up like that? Will they carry the groceries in through that door? What about the living room furniture?

There was a van by the house when I took the photo and it pulled right in behind me and rolled through two red lights so I thought maybe I was going to have to explain that I intended to mock the front door placement on my website. The van didn’t follow me home so I think I’m safe.

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