We Got the Beet

I know this is a photo of carrots and doesn’t match my title but I usually never plant carrots and these were so cute that I had to try them.

Yesterday I put a garden in. I’m know I’m going to be gone for six weeks but I can’t do nothing. I did decide to skip the tomatoes, mostly because Sunset magazine reminded me that you aren’t supposed to plant them in the same place every year. I don’t plant them in the exact same spot but always in the same general plot so maybe a year off would be good for everyone.

The other reason I went ahead and planted is I bought a bunch of seeds before I knew I would be gone. Plus I found a stash from last year which included about 5 envelopes of beet seeds. I mixed a ton of beet, turnip, carrot, chard and lettuce green seeds in a little plastic dish and then scattered them over half the garden. Then I went to find a rake. When I came back there was already a cheeky bird, going to town. I raked everything around.

Then I went and found all my peas and lemon cucumbers. The past two or three years these have done nothing for me so I planted them all in the hope something will take. I used the same scatter method. I have cages but there are tons of wasps around the shed and I’m afraid to go in there right now so I haven’t set the cages out for the peas, should they decide to grow.

If you’ve arrived at this post looking for gardening advice, I’d suggest you move on. I don’t think you’ll find anything to help you here.

I raked the whole plot and shoved a few wayward seeds under with my fingers and went in the house and announced to Bob that just about the time I leave he will have all the turnips and beets he can handle. This is a joke because Bob will eat vegetables but the idea of him harvesting root vegetables from the backyard is ridiculous. At least the bugs will have something to eat.

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