I [heart] the Seventies
I [Heart] The Seventies
This is the piggy bank I got for my birthday around the 3rd grade from a kid named Kenny who lived two houses down from us on Aldea Avenue in Encino California. One time he got hit by a car on our street and had to wear a cast. I also remember there was a pool at his house and it was absurdly warm.

This sits next to my bed and I open it once every five years with the thought, “I wonder what’s in this thing.”

Lots of very old foreign coins from various adventures. My parents went to Greece when I was a small tot. My Dad did a job in Kuwait. Lots of European coins that have been replaced by the Euro.

Piggy Bank
I had some dollar coins and they wouldn’t fit so I made a slot so that you could fit them in. I’m sorry this sounds like an inappropriate euphemism. One of the dollar coins looks gold. Because it is.

Just kidding. It was a necklace which I guess was really bitchin in the 70’s. It had a heavy gold chain. I think I got this as a birthday gift as well.

We have some extended family on my Dad’s side in Virginia and we visted them once. They gave us some civil war bullets and buttons. A lot of those pennies have nothing interesting about them and I’m not sure why I saved them. Maybe for good luck?

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