I’m Bernadette

Yesterday we were talking about high school and I mentioned that where I went to school there was an alternative high school. I don’t know exactly how it worked but it was for kids who couldn’t deal with regular high school and they could at least stay in school and get a diploma.

But that’s not the story. The story is that I was explaining what this school was like and saying it was more informal and they have, rap circles and stuff. Then I had to explain that back then “rap” was used to mean talk. Then I said, you know, like on Zoom they’d say, “Let’s rap,” then they’d sit around and talk about their troubles with their siblings and how no one understands kids.

My co-worker said he didn’t know what Zoom was.

Then I started singing the theme song for him, and the mailing address (“Zee double-oh em, Box three-five-oh, Boston, Mass oh-two-one-three-four”) and I did that arm thing for “I’m Bernadette” and then I started speaking ubbi dubbi. Then he asked me to stop.

The opening credits to the season I remember are here.

In other ancient history news, one game show I can’t believe hasn’t been resurrected yet is Name That Tune. I liked it a lot when I was a kid and it seems like it could be adapted into one of these big ticket high pressure type games shows that are so popular now. What do I know? Nowadays, I do not watch game shows of any kind. Ever. Even if I was in prison I would not have time to watch game shows.

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