Today Is the First Day

Today’s my first day of being fabulously organized and focused for writing and so far I’m failing spectacularly. Also, I just broke a tooth.

I’m attempting to systematically eliminate distractions. Last night I deleted several series recordings from my TV shows and cleaned out my Google Reader. There are a lot of sites that I enjoy, like the Slog but every time I log on there are a million posts and it wastes too much time. Good-bye Slog.

I’m still subscribed to all my regular real people blogs. I told angelawd I was going to update my links soon and soon is probably not anytime soon. I don’t know. If I can master this fabulously organized and focused thing, maybe soon.

I also deleted my Usenet reader. I’ve read alt.gossip.celebrities for such a long time I’m too embarrassed to name the date. I’ve tried to quit twice before but I think this one will stick. Do they make a patch for that?

We had a fabulous weekend in Seattle and I’ll write more about it when I get the photos organized. There aren’t a lot of photos because we took Bob’s camera and he got to hold it so I didn’t get to capture every interesting crack in the sidewalk like I usually do.

A few last quick notes: I had to scrape ice off my car this morning and there was no traffic on the way in. I guess Washington is on Spring Break this week.

And finally, there were some young people on the radio talking about going to an Eighties party and what to wear and what their research uncovered. (“They wore Izod shirts in different colors and … “) I have never felt older.

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