Clipped and Glued

Rainy Day Art Project

I should probably talk about this photo but don’t know what to say about it. Eons ago I ran across a website by a woman who made incredible collages. I thought it would be fun to try and I collected colorful paper scraps and cardboard and bought some Modge Podge and brushes and then it sat on the floor of the closet for the next several years.

A couple weeks ago I got a wild hair and clipped and glued and put together that thing. The process was fun but I was disappointed with the finished product. It’s actually a square but I’m too lazy to do multiple scans and blend them together. I like the way it looks in the scan.

How Not To Write is keeping a list of writers going to Clarion West this summer.

We’re getting ready to head out into the grim weather — right now there are very slushy snowflakes falling from the sky — for our fun getaway weekend in Seattle. I remember when I bought my new coat I thought it was overkill for how much I would be using it. HA HA. I’ve needed it almost every day since November.

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