Still a Zombie

Last night was our lecture night featuring Stephen Sondheim. Mr. Sondheim apparently doesn’t do prepared speeches so the lecture folks convinced him to come and do a “conversation” with Frank Rich. I’m not into musical theater at all. I was trying to think of the last musical theater I saw and I came up with Annie (80’s) and Jesus Christ Supertar (70’s and there’s a story there but no time to get to it now) and that’s pretty much it. Ever. There might be some school productions I’m forgetting but I don’t think so.

Regardless, the talk was WONDERFUL and I’m certain my sweetheart will post a great review later and I will update and link to it when he does.

My point is, I left my house yesterday at quarter to 7am and didn’t return home until 10pm. So, between the big party weekend and my body’s complete rejection of the notion of “sleeping through the night” along with a surprisingly busy work week, I’m still in zombie mode and am behind on everything and continue to phone-in my blog posts and prop them up with old family photos.

Here’s another classic which I estimate to be around 1970. Nice butt Grandma! I dig the car, too. This was from a trip to Hawaii. My sister thinks Mom was helping her with “her shells” while I’m grinning for Dad with the camera.

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